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Birthday Gift Baskets
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Happy Birthday - FREE STANDARD SHIPPING - Item No: 525


Item #525 | $64.95
Let them know that you wish you could be there to celebrate with this heartwarming birthday collection.
Kettle corn, Brown and Haley cashew roca, butter toffee mixed nuts, cookies, snack mix and more will help convey your best wishes.
Basket contents:
  • Ahmad English Tea (1.4oz)
  • Brown & Haley Cashew Roca (2pc)
  • Vanilla Sea Salt Caramels (4pc)
  • Hot Honey Crunch Mix (1.5oz)
  • Veggie Sticks (1oz)
  • Cinnamon Candies (3oz)
  • Walnut Cookies (6oz)
  • Rasberry Fudgees (1oz)
  • Mariani Fruit & Nut Medley (2oz)
  • Perugina Sorrento Fruit Candy (5pc)
  • Popcornopolis Kettle Corn Popcorn (2oz)
  • Salutations Box "Happy Birthday!" Dolcetto Chocolate Wafer Bites (0.7oz)
  • Butter Toffee Nuts (2oz)
  • Blood Orange & Honey Hard Candy (0.88oz)
  • Walkers Mini Shortbread Cookies (0.67oz)
  • Dolcetto Chocolate Wafer Bites (2oz)
  • Tivoli Milk & Dark Chocolate Cookies (5.29oz)
Gift Size: 15" x 8" x 13"

Standard S&H: FREE 10.95

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Happy Birthday Gift Basket - Item No: 525
Item #525 | $ 64.95
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Birthday Gift Baskets

One of the nicest things about friends' and colleagues' birthdays is the chance they offer to let people know how much they're valued. People remember truly thoughtful gifts that show they are cared for. Taking the time to identify the "just right" item makes your loved ones feel noticed and acknowledged. When you give a thoughtful birthday gift, you're really giving the receiver a reminder of how much they mean to you.

Unfortunately though, not everyone has the time to pore through quaint, unusual gift stores in the heart of the West Village. Most of us are very busy, juggling the demands of work, family, and personal interests on a day to day basis. Just thinking of the right gift can take considerable time, not to mention the hours it can take to find it, buy it, and get it to the person in question.

The Perfect Gift

Fortunately, lovely, thoughtful gifts do exist, and many of them can be found in a simple series of electronic clicks at your very own personal computer. Just flipping through the "pages" of the Van's Gifts online catalog should give anyone ample birthday gift possibilities. Lovers of fine foods, wines, and cheeses have a wide variety of treats from which to choose. Your friend is not a foodie? Not a problem. Van's Gifts also features special treats in the form of high-end bath and body products, exquisitely fragranced candles, gourmet teas, coffees, and more.

Further, thanks to clever, quality packaging, packages from Van's Gifts are as beautiful to behold as they are delightful to enjoy. Towering tins of the finest European chocolates come held together by satin bows and wine collections come in handwoven wicker baskets, pressed tin containers, or hardwood boxes. These lovely gifts signify the esteem with which friends, loved ones, and business colleagues are held. Van's Gifts is the best source for lovely birthday gifts which will be regarded warmly long after the candles are blown out.

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