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Sympathy Baskets
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Sympathy Gift Baskets

As a friend or loved one passes through the stages of grief after a loss, those of us standing by can feel immobilized and helpless. How can you make them feel better without being intrusive? How can you actually ease their burden and lighten their load, especially from miles and miles away?

Food Is Love

The giving of food during times of grief is a centuries' old tradition. It's a practical way of expressing love: "I care for you; I know your mind is on other matters; I know you're in pain. Nonetheless, you must eat. Knowing even the smallest details can feel overwhelming, I've brought you food. I want to help you take care of yourself." It's one thing to make a casserole when you're right down the street. What can you do when miles and miles away? Our first instinct may be to send flowers, but many bereaved find flowers depressing after a funeral, since they remind them of the memorial service itself. But take heart. You don't have to feel stymied in finding a practical expression of love and sympathy.

Van's Gifts features beautiful, appropriate, and most of all, edifying-to-the-body food, wine, coffee, tea and comfort food gift baskets. For the person suffering not only from grief, but also from lack of appetite, just sending lovely but simple foods--like easy-to-serve Napa Valley cheese spreads, light-on-the-system lemon cookies, soothing vanilla teas, delicate chocolates and candies--can encourage at least tentative eating. After all, nibbling is better than nothing, and in the first few days after a loved one's death, it may be the best we can hope for. Having such beautiful, delicious foods so immediate can encourage a healthy appetite. Fine wines and herbal teas can work as tonics to the bereaved. In short, let Van's Gifts help you express your support to a loved one during their time of suffering.

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